11 Effective Ways to Generate Leads via Social Media in UAE

Making sure that your growth strategy generates successful leads becomes a challenging part for marketers to handle. Social media platforms can be your most valuable lead-generation channel if you have the right strategy and resources. 

With 3.6 billion users on social media worldwide, the power of SMM continues to grow. Today, 9/10 people are connected or active on social media. It gives a major boom and opens a profitable avenue for entrepreneurs. 


1 - Social Media Marketing In UAE

The popularity of Social media in the UAE is at its peak. With almost 98.98% of the total population actively involved in leading social platforms, the brands and scale-ups are leveraging the utmost potential of SMM platforms to generate qualified leads. 


social media users in UAE


During the post-pandemic phase, UAE witnessed a change in consumer demographics. Customers are becoming more involved in gaining insights into the products from social platforms before making a buying decision. Instead of impulsive buying, they are becoming more conscious and aware. Keeping that in mind, the top social media marketers should have a powerful strategy that fits right in the market and help achieve the targets successfully. 


2 - What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of attracting customers and convincing them to make a favorable decision for your product/service. However, consumers are getting aware of all the traditional practices marketers have been trying, including ads, emails and messages. So, if a specific message does not resonate with the client, they prefer blocking it. Hence, today more personalized approach is being followed. The common tactics include:

  • 1:1 targeting 
  • Consistency across multiple channels 
  • Focus on informative and valuable content 
  • Prioritizing relationship building with customers


3 - How To Generate Leads Via Social Media In UAE?

In the UAE, the average daily time spent using social media is surveyed to be 2 hours and 57 minutes. Now you can imagine the great potential social media holds all across UAE. Moreover, the most popular platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.



Its important for social media marketing agencies in the UAE to create a strategy in accordance with the trends followed on all the respective platforms. Let’s dig in and find out some of the craziest tricks to rule on UAE’s most popular social media platforms. 


3.1.  Facebook

Almost 81.6% of users are active on Facebook in the UAE. With such a massive reach, it became the #1 highly populated platform. It's used for both socializing and business.


  • Geotargeted Ads 

With the help of Facebook geofencing, marketers can set a particular region or diameter of the area where the ads will appear. It makes targeting the right prospect easier. It filters out those customers who might not be interested in your product/service. 

For instance, if you want to show your offerings near your retail store, you can set the desired diameter and choose the most targeted location. Then all the users falling inside that diameter will get to interact with the ad. Moreover, you can localize your messages depending on your target audience's location. 

  • Create reels

According to Facebook, "Video formats are the fastest growing content format by far."

Now in video format, which particular style is currently gaining all the attention? It's the Reels!

Reels are in trend; they are everywhere. Whether you check out Instagram or even Twitter, you will find content in reels. No matter what you write, whether it's carousel content or even infographics, set it in motion and check the blasting count of views you will get. However, make sure that you keep the content informative, interactive and entertaining. 

  • Create informative and engaging content  

You may know that Gen Zs buying power is great at the moment, and reportedly younger generation tends to research the product on Facebook before making a buying decision. 


generation Z


Considering that, marketers need to create informative and valuable posts for their followers. They should work around adding more insights about their services, whether by showing user-generated content or short-lived stories to give a peek into how your business is operating. 


3.2.  TikTok

TikTok gained popularity during the COVID-19 lockdown in the UAE. The app is liked by many, and according to statistics, over 4.21 million users in the UAE. This creator-driven platform generates enormous popularity of interactive and entertaining posts. With an abundance of user-generated content on the app, anyone can quickly get on and pour their own creativity to gain visibility. With that said, let's learn about some killer marketing techniques to generate maximum leads. 


  • TikTok Subcultures

There are a number of subcultures on TikTok; you can discover them by using the hashtags #CleanTok or #MoneyTok. If you get engaged with these groups, there are good chances to increase visibility through the established audience of these cultures. Furthermore, it helps you better connect with the audience and to understand ways to gain their attention. 

  • The #LearnOnTikTok Hashtag

Educational content is one good trick that helps you gain huge follower counts quickly and efficiently. On TikTok, you can use the famous hashtag #LearnOnTikTok, and with that, it becomes easier for you to penetrate. You just have to keep in mind that even on TikTok it's important to follow a set of brand guidelines. The kind of music, motion, effects and color should stay uniform to help you establish a unique brand identity. 


3.3.  Twitter 

Twitter is yet another popular platform in the UAE. With the thrilling game of hashtags and the major developments going on since the new CEO took over the HQ, the platform is gaining huge popularity these days. Millions of users, including entrepreneurs, are actively indulged in the platform, making use of smart techniques to increase follower counts. Here are some trends you must follow in 2023. 


  • Make use of Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces, a new feature on Twitter, was launched back in 2020, giving an avenue for users to take part in audio discussions. The feature rolled great popularity as users actively got involved, thus making it a profitable trend to follow. Marketers need to stay active on Twitter Spaces and indulge consumers with relevant content. They can invite famous influencers and generate insightful content to garner the attention of the audience. 

  • Explore Twitter Shop 

At Twitter shops, sellers can pick more than 50 products to showcase with their respective descriptions. They can add a high definition integrating their desired payment merchant. With this feature, many B2B and B2C eCommerce brands turned towards the platform to gain prospective leads. The best part is the many interactive features Twitter has to offer. 

  • Video Marketing 

Video marketing is the evergreen technique on Twitter. The engagement each post gets is massive, plus if you add the right keyword, you can expect a great outcome in no time. There are many brands, from McDonald's to Airbnb, that are operating on Twitter and generating a huge follower count. 


3.4. Instagram 

Instagram is more than just a simple picture and video-sharing platform. It has created an avenue to many young and unknown talented artists and content creators to gain popularity and be seen in the world. In the UAE, Instagram has become the finest tool for practicing digital marketing, with many brands gaining ground every now and then.  


  • Make use of shopping features 

Instagram has indeed turned into a shopping platform, with its major features gaining the attention of marketers. It provides them with a profitable tool to increase eCommerce sales in no time. Over 400 million users around the world are interacting with Insta-stories, and this gives marketers a chance to increase their sales and engagements. 

  • Influencer marketing 

Influencer marketing is one important technique that has made Instagram the most favorable place to gain online visibility. With the help of influencer marketing, many brands have surfaced and gained a lot of noise around the audience. They are talked about and preferred after releasing a single video through their influencer's page. However, one thing to note is you need to pick the right influencer who can convince the followers not only with words but with the living standards, choices and personality as well. 

  • Instagram carousels are here to stay

Carousels on Instagram are populating the newsfeed of users with captivating content. The secret is you need to tap into the pain points of your audience. And to do that, you have to create simple but informative posts and publish them with consistency. The imagery should be enticing, and the content should be precisely engaging. 


Wrap Up 


Apart from these platforms, you must not forget to optimize campaigns for YouTube, Reddit and LinkedIn. If you need a reputed social media marketing agency, get in touch with the professionals at ConnectIn Digital.