7 Proven Email Marketing and Automation Tools for Business Growth 


Has your content dropped in the search engine? The credit goes to the Google updates, or are your paid ads not performing as they used to? One thing is clear: you need to look for other outreaching channels. And what's better than email marketing- one of the most beneficial marketing wings? 

However, if you think a new marketing channel means more investment, here is a blog teaching you all about the best email marketing automation perks and tools to get your hands on. So, read on.

1 - What is Email Marketing Automation?

Email automation is the process of sending targeted email campaigns to your prospects through a self-operating and pre-built system. It may need email marketing tools. We have an entire list below. 


2 - The Process of Email Automation 

When using the right tool, marketers can capture new prospective leads efficiently. You get to create an automated email campaign and can send it to your shortlisted leads to convert them into paying customers. Here's an example of the OptinMonster mailing list. 



Within minutes you can set up the entire email automation system up and running. 


3 - Benefits of Email Automation

Marketers are occupied with tons of content to post, executing strategies, and creating campaigns. With the upsurge in automation, email marketing automation has repeatedly shown its perks. According to statistics, email automation is likely to generate 3.4x times more conversions. Not only this, but over 65% of marketers leverage email automation. So, let's learn about some benefits of email marketing automation


3.1.  Create Segmented Mailing Lists

Email marketing automation enables marketers to create a segmental mailing list that is based on subscriber activities and CRM data. Segmented campaigns generate 14.3% high open rates and more than 100.9% CTRs compared to traditional campaigns. Effective segmentation allows you to reach out to your prospects efficiently and engage them more effectively. 

3.2. Improve Your Conversion Rate

By sending a series of automated emails, businesses receive a 13% higher chance of revenue generation. Not only this, email marketing is considered one of the most effective tools as more than 60% of customers still prefer it to be a source of contact with the brands. As your company grows, you will have to keep your clients in the loop and engage them on festive. For small-scale firms, automation doubles their opportunities of achieving success and building stronger relationships with customers. 

3.3.  Improve Engagement

With email automation, marketers can set timely, personalized and accurate messages in each email. This ensures enhanced engagements. Small and medium-sized businesses have reportedly received higher rates of engagement with email automation. However, you get to enrich loyalty among your customers as well. 

3.4.  Increase Efficiency and Revenue

Email automation helps eliminate repetitive and monotonous jobs from the task list and lets marketers invest their valuable time in other important things. It saves time and boosts efficiency, along with enhancing productivity. Storing customer data, tracking emails, responding promptly, and determining interest levels are tasks that contribute to increased revenue generation, which are easily executed through email automation. 

3.5. Integrate With the Customer Buying Cycle

Through email automation, marketers can sync the email activities with eh customer buying cycle. It allows businesses to identify the right time and manner of approaching a customer, indicating a higher chance of conversion. For example, companies send a reminder email to clients for their subscription-based service right before it expires. 


4 -7 Best Email Automation Tools

Your hassles with undergoing rigorous email marketing campaigns is now fully catered by top-notch tools and software. Here is a curated list of software with mind-blowing features to help you personalize and customize your campaigns as per your brand's needs. 


4.1. Mailchimp


Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing apps and comes with a user-friendly interface. It's a great tool to start your email marketing program if you need to scale up efficiently. It comes with a landing page builder, marketing automation, retargeting ads, customer journey mapping, and even A/B testing. All of these features are included in its free plan. Now you can imagine the uncountable perks of getting its subscription. 


4.2.  HubSpot


HubSpot brings everything you need under a single roof. You get over 2000 emails per month in its free subscription plan. Not only this, you can enjoy over 100 lists and real-time reporting. When your business scale up, you can easily add features and tools for full marketing automation, CRM, customer service, and many more. The interface is easy to use and seamless. It is developed to provide ease to users. The platform is very advanced and automated as it aims at doing everything in one place. If you are interested in FREE session to learn how Hubspot can boost your performance and helps you avoid synergy issues within you departments, contact connectindigital agency for a free session.


4.3. MailerLite 


MailerLite is one of the promising tools for creating customized email marketing campaigns. The tool offers intuitive pre-designed content blocks for highlighting multiple areas like RSS lists, videos, articles, apps, podcasts, events, and more. You can experiment with interesting techniques to make your emails look fulfilling and captivating. There are a number of customization tools to try. 


4.4  OptinMonster


OptinMonster is a premium WordPress plugin that comes with a bunch of amazing email marketing automation features. It allows marketers to segment email addresses based on user activities, geographical locations, and inactivity. The app helps in building up a revenue-generating sales funnel with proven conversions. The best thing about it is that it offers seamless integration with premier email service providers. 


4.5. Contactually

Contractually is a notable CRM tool that helps business owners boost their email marketing campaigns. The tool vetted contacts and gathered information from social media handles, contact forms, and websites. Although it's designed for real estate industries, it can be used by other businesses. Its cheapest plan starts from $69 per month, where a user can enjoy a bundle of amazing features. 


4.6. Sendinblue


If you are keen to try personalized email marketing, Sendinblue is the right tool for you. It offers a number of templated automation flows based on customer-centric data. It helps brands improve engagements, maximize revenues and increase traffic. The advanced automation features are easy to set up and efficient to use. You can set up email newsletters and edit the content in just a few clicks. 

4.7. GetResponse


GetResponse helps businesses to follow a specific email schedule. It has automated features that allow marketers to easily schedule special occasion emails like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Moreover, it works as an autoresponder tool that has many impressive templates. You can even make responsive landing pages and a content management calendar. 


Wrap up


Email automation gives you a leap to success. It helps you build a stronger and more connected bond with your clients. So, if you are looking for a professional email automation company get connected to ConnectIn Digital agency, a digital transformation agency and a HubSpot Platinum Partner based in Dubai, UAE. 

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