Why Local SEO Is Important For Your Business 


Sometimes a local business owner aims to become the leading entity in the region but lacks proper strategies to target the customers in their geographical region. It's because not everybody is aware of how important local SEO is and why it should be focused. 

Here, in this blog, you are going to find out a comprehensive overview of the perks of local SEO and ways to integrate them into your marketing strategy. 


1 - What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a process to capture local search regions with more targeted content to connect with prospective leads. Those with a local customer base find this strategy beneficial and effective in lead nurturing and conversions. Your strategies that involve content creation, backlinking, and technical SEO must revolve around the main goal of enhancing the presence in the local search territories. 


Local SEO

1.2. How does Local SEO Work?

The local SEO services work on the following criteria:


If you are targeting the Dubai and MENA region in the UAE, you need to keep your content relevant to the respective customers and audience. Their likes, preferences, and needs should be kept in mind. The local SEO UAE companies can help you create more engaging content.


It's a measure of how far you need to target. For instance, do you want to keep your services limited to Dubai, or do you want to include other MENA regions as well? So, it defines that to create a proper strategy. 


It's based on the authority and presence of your business that influences the local SEO outcomes. If you have a well-established physical business and people know about it, you get an edge in generating good Google rankings. 


2 - How Local SEO Creates Value for Business

Here's how local SEO agency creates value for businesses and lets their brands stand out. 


2.1.  A Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

The best SEO agencies create targeted strategies to improve your local SEO in Dubai. The bespoke plan is based on the brand’s needs and its customer's preferences. This makes the package cost-effective and productive. With free tools like Google My Business and Facebook, you can have an increased online reach within your region. The best SEO companies list your brand in the local business listings that maximize your search visibility. 

2.2.  Helps Local Customers Find You

According to statistics, around 72% of customers in the UAE who search for a local business prefer to visit the store. Moreover, customers are getting more aware and conscious. They want to know if the brand is legit and reliable. Hence, by having a notable presence, you can increase your conversion rates at the double the pace. Lastly, your brand should appear in the Google Maps of your region so that your visitors can find you easily. 

2.3. Reaches Customers Who Are Ready to Buy

If you ponder on how Google search results operate, you will notice that the algorithms tend to bring up the results indicating local companies first when a visitor enters a query. For instance, if you enter "buy a laptop," you will first see those firms and brands that are in your region, followed by the leading entities. 

According to statistics, a whopping 80% of local searches performed on a smartphone device convert into prospective leads. This further proves that local SEO puts your company in front of the customers at the right time, thus increasing your conversion rates. 

2.4.  Delivers More Qualified Search Traffic

Local SEO services help in filtering out the most qualified leads from the weak ones. It saves time and effort. It tells the marketers where to put their energy and how to be more productive. The search engine offers the most relevant results based on intent and proximity, which helps businesses reach out to the right customer at the right time. In this way, if a customer is outside your active region would not see your company pop up in the search results. 


3 - 5 Tips For Businesses To Use Local SEO

It's not too tricky to take action to boost your local SERPs. Here are some valuable tips about local SEO for small businesses. 


3.1. Create Accurate, Consistent Local Citations

Local business listings involve local citations, which include the name, address, phone number, and other essential details of your company. No matter which platform you pick, you need to ensure the information you add is accurate and error-free. The format should be consistent as well. This helps search engine algorithms trust your data and automatically brings it to the Google Panel Box. 

3.2.  Use Online Directories 

Next on the list is going for the online local directories. It's one helpful trick that prominently highlights the benefits of local SEO vs SEO. You have to set up your business profile among the local business listings in all the major search engines and other prominent online directories. You can go for Bing Places, Yext, or Yelp. Facebook is helpful too, in order to enhance search visibility. However, in all of these directories, not to forget to add the same accurate information. This is what every local SEO expert practice considering the far-0reaching outcomes. 

3.3.  Create & Maintain Google My Business Profile

Once you have created the profile in the online directories, you have to go for the Google My Business profile. Small business owners should have a legit profile created on the platform. You can feed the information directly from Google Maps and Google Search. Apart from this, it helps marketers to monitor their business reviews on Google, which is helpful data for reputation management. 

3.4.  Respond Regularly to Reviews

You need to stay connected to your customers in every way possible. When it comes to improving your local SEO score, you must ensure you have responded to both positive and negative feedback from your customers. By ignoring or avoiding negative feedback, you tend to steer more light towards it, and that would affect the overall reputation of your business. 

3.5.  Add Hyperlocal Content to Your Website

The most important step is to make your content fully optimized based on hyperlocal keywords. You need to add region-specific keywords to bring your content to the top of the search results. For example, if you are a clothing and apparel brand, you can use the name of your region at the end of your keyword, like "best women dresses in (City,ST)." Or you can try "best women dresses near me." These are the two secret and most beneficial keyword combinations. By doing so, you are more likely to bring your brand in front of the customers. 


Wrap up

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