6 Benefits of Choosing A Local SEO Agency In The UAE to Grow Your Business

Looking to elevate your business in local searches? Let’s talk about the ways local SEO services can help you do that. 

It’s important to understand that 93% of consumers find a brand or a local business with the help of a search. And, around 72% of consumers visited the store they searched on the same day. The importance of local SEO is often overlooked.


You can find a lot of guides and tutorials based on SEO strategies, which push you towards content creation or other technical aspects. However, something that’s always missing is the local SEO strategy elements. So, let’s talk about how a local SEO agency can help you with that. 


What Is Local SEO?


1 - What Is Local SEO?

Local search engine optimization is a tactic that experts employ to increase the visibility of websites and content in local searches. While not much else changes, like technical or content creation tactics like on-page or off-page SEO, the primary difference is the target audience and keywords. 

Here’s an example of a possible search query made in UAE:

Best rental cars

Now, the results provided by Google could be from anywhere in the world, like this:



But, if we add a specific location, like this:


Best rental car in UAE

 The results change drastically:


google search


As you can see, instead of websites, we’re getting the best possible locations, alongside their ratings, user reviews, etc. Making it a lot easier for a local user to pick. 


2 - Why Do You Need Local SEO Marketing Services For Your Business?


The undeniable goal of any SEO strategy is to achieve higher visibility. But, what’s more important than international visibility is the local one. Between January 2020 and July 2021, location-based searches saw a whopping increase of 52%.

So, local SEO companies had to elevate their strategies to cater to these searches. But, to understand how effective local SEO is, we need to understand that:

  • Local SEO marketing services know the local audience better than anyone
  • Location-based searches require an understanding of the audience they cater to
  • And around 46% of all queries on Google  are related to location-based searches. 

Therefore, one needs professional SEO services, like ours. that understand the importance of local SEO for small businesses. By tending to all the aforementioned local SEO requirements, we ensure that your business:

  • Has improved organic traffic
  • Offers unique content against competition 
  • Builds a community that trusts your business 
  • Improves direct customer experience

3 - 7 Benefits Of Choosing Local SEO Services For Your Business In UAE


Our location-based SEO services in UAE can provide a lot of benefits. To sum it all up, here is how we provide seven of them: 

  • 3.1. Keyword Targeting 

SEO for business growth is important, but local keywords are more important. Simply because they convert 80% of the time.


webfx stats


So, choosing a local SEO service like ours can help you find the right keywords and target them quite conveniently. 


  • 3.2.  On-Page Optimization

On-page SEO optimization is measurements taken for your website and content to be more visible to search engine crawlers and audiences. We do this by adding a flair of local SEO facts or keywords, as this optimization tactic becomes much more location-centric. Making it an ideal way to connect with your local audience. 


  • 3.3.  Local Link Building And Listing


Over 58.1% of SEO experts say that backlinks significantly impact search engine ranks. But finding local websites for this purpose is even more important. Our local SEO service in UAE has a list of hyperlocal links and websites you can link to your content.


search traffic



This allows us to thoroughly conduct local link building and listing. Therefore, we pick the best local links to elevate the Moz scores when optimizing a website for higher domain authority. 


  • 3.4.  Google My Business Listing


Did you know that around 90% of consumers read a review on Google before making a purchase? Our priority is businesses just starting up or looking to go up in the ranks. 


customers stats


Now, if you don’t have a Google My Business page, then we’ll get it for you. By doing so, we’ll help your business become a prominent result in SERP. 


  • 3.5. Reporting

Communication is key, and our experts believe in that. While handling your local SEO strategy, we keep you in the loop through various methods. This includes providing ranking reports and elevation in location-based search results. 


  • 3.6  Ratings And Reviews

Ratings and reviews are indirect methods of marketing. And a word from another local customer can push your target audience towards committing to your brand. So, by pushing your existing customers, we help build a profile filled with positive ratings and reviews.  


4 - How Do Local SEO Services Work In The UAE?

The science behind local searches is simple, as it targets geo-location and location-limited keywords. So, when implementing such a technique with  local SEO services in UAE, it helps a business stand out with:

  • Local search results
  • Results related to a product
  • Queries targeted at a particular location radius
  • Constant visibility across channels like Google
  • Link building with local blogs, businesses, groups, etc. 
  • An unbending local PR strategy with extensive social media support

Wrap Up


Local SEO strategies are vital in any business’ growth. The local audience should come first, and the rest of the world later. That’s something we at ConnectIn Digital focuses on keeping a strategic approach and provides the finest SEO services in UAE