Looking to build a Facebook marketing strategy? Let's find out how you can do it. 

More than half the population of our world uses social media, with over 59%, or 4.7 billion people using various social networks every day. 

With over 3 billion monthly users, Facebook is the most used platform out of them all. 


6 Tips To Build A Facebook Marketing Strategy You Always Wanted


Thus, there's no wonder every business or marketing expert wants to make the most of this platform. So, how can you build a social media marketing strategy for Facebook? Let's find out. 


What Is Facebook Marketing?


Facebook is one of the leading platforms and using it for promotional and advertising purposes are called Facebook marketing. It involves using paid and organic channels to build a following and implement a marketing strategy.

So, why is this important? Because Facebook is responsible for 18.4% of marketing plans for mobile phones around the globe. And more than 93% of marketers rely on Facebook for paid advertisement. It makes Facebook one of the primary platforms in digital marketing in 2022. 


How To Set Up Facebook For Business?


Setting up a Facebook page for your business is a straightforward process. At first, you'll have to create an account using the usual process—or use the one you already have. Once done, you'll have to follow these steps:

  • Sign into Facebook.
  • On the top side of your screen, find and click Create, then click Page.
  • Add a name for your business page.
  • Add a category for your Page.
  • Enter key business information.
  • Select Continue.
  • Add a profile and cover photo. It's optional, but better if you do it.
  • Press Next to go to your newly created Page.
  • Done.

This will create a new page for your business, and after that, you can follow metrics, analyze audience, etc., using the dashboard. 


6 Easy Tips to create the Best Facebook Marketing Strategy 


Creating a Facebook business strategy is like creating a tomato sauce—everyone has a recipe. So, it boils down to your objectives, budget, requirements, and business scale. However, some things are adamant and remain a principle to follow in all types of strategies. Here are 6 tips that can help you with that:  


1 - Set Specific Business Goals

In marketing strategy of any type, the people who set goals see 377% more successful than those who don't. This objective-driven approach doesn't only yield results; it also keeps everything in line, such as content strategy, posting, etc. Here are a few common goals for a startup on Facebook: 

  • Brand Awareness 
  • Qualified Leads and Sales
  • Community Engagement
  • The most common goal is to spread awareness regarding your business; paid ads are the way to go. The latter two points come naturally once you make your brand's presence known to your target audience. 

2 - Define Your Audience

Defining your audience, or understanding them, is one of the key essentials of any marketing tactic. The methodical approach taken by marketers to analyze common demographics allows them to create:

  • Customer Personas.
  • Common Demographics.
  • Potential to Generate Qualified Leads and Sales.
  • Facebook marketing services report that around 84% of social media users age between 19-29. So, remember, these are the three main factors to consider when analyzing your potential customers. Therefore, research is important to understand which audience you need to target.  


3 - Establish Your KPIs And Metrics

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators allow you to understand which of your marketing elements are working and which aren't. That's why you need metrics—through Facebook's built-in options or third-party tools.

So, how do you establish a KPI? Let's talk about reach; here's what you'll do:

  • Take your post's max reach.
  • Divide it by your followers.
  • Multiply it by 100.

Therefore, if a post reaches 6500 users out of an 80k following, it's only 8% of the total audience. But, if another post reaches more numbers, that's one of your key performers. 


4 - Plan Your Content Strategy

You need to plan the type of content you will put out for your audience. This could vary from videos, written text, or simple images. The most common and result-yielding types of content on social media include: 

  • Stories And Short Videos
  • Reviews And Testimonials
  • Carousels
  • Contests

Now, short stories and videos are reported by 67% of social media gurus as the biggest ROI generators. And around 97% of the online audience looks for reviews when searching for local businesses. Besides that, adding image carousels with informative value on your Facebook page can help you engage with your audience. 


5. Schedule Your Posts

Posting regularly and consistently is important. However, time is of the essence, and you cannot sit in front of your screen all day. The good thing is that you don't have to. You can simply schedule your content to post at specific times. 

Any dependable social media marketing agency will tend to this to ensure they're pushing the page's outreach. Besides that, it helps you improve your overall content strategy by constantly keeping your audience in the loop. 


6. Try Facebook Advertising

In digital marketing, Facebook accounts for over a quarter of digital ads. In this regard, the only name ahead of Facebook is Google, with 28.9% of all digital ads.



Therefore, using Facebook ads can help you improve your outreach, garner more attention, and improve your overall following. 


When To Start Using Facebook Ads


If you want to grow your following and improve your numbers, you need Facebook ads today. Digital adverts have far more reach than traditional marketing methods, like newspaper ads. Therefore, they can help you improve your online presence. So, a few common scenarios include:

  • You're looking to increase brand awareness.
  • You're trying to establish a new business.
  • You need to attract more audience.
  • You need to target specific demographics.
  • You're looking for a paid and effective marketing channel.
  • If your requirements fall into any of the said categories, you should start using Facebook ads immediately. 




These are the best practices to kickstart a Facebook business strategy. You'll have to tend to these tips for your marketing plan to take off properly. But, if you think you need professional assistance, you need a capable social media marketing agency in UAE like ConnectIn Digital. We can help you establish an all-around strategy and improve your business's outreach.