Marketing automation is more than a necessity for entrepreneurs and business owners. It's not only needed to boost sales but to streamline and optimize workflows and marketing campaigns. It lets marketers focus on nurturing leads and segmenting customers for refined reach. In 2021, the marketing automation value reached US$ 4.3 billion; from 2022 to 2023, it's expected to  cross US$ 15.7 Billion. 

Growth of Marketing Automation in the UAE


In the UAE, the marketing automation market is estimated to account for the largest share in 2018. And since then, companies are showing an inclination toward its massive integration. Industries like IT, retail, Healthcare, and manufacturing are at the forefront to optimize their marketing funnels through automation. Apart from this, banks in the UAE and Saudi Arabia are planning to spread awareness among their customers and improve relationships by going for a personalized approach through automation. 

What Is Marketing Automation

What Is Marketing Automation?


Marketing Automation is a technique to use software and technology that assist in managing the marketing processes. It creates multifunctional campaigns across several channels automatically. Marketers can handle repetitive tasks that include ad campaigns, social media posting, and email marketing. It fuels the campaign with data to create a more personalized pitch to engage the customers and prospects. 

As newer channels surface, companies consider marketing automation the most helpful technique to penetrate the market. Apart from this, the affordability that comes with each software, considering the magnitude of benefits it renders, is what attracts the best marketing automation company. So, let's find out the significant benefits of marketing automation for businesses. 


7 Cost Effective Benefits


7 Cost Effective Benefits Of Marketing Automation 


Marketing automation empowers businesses, especially the marketing wing, to do less work with enhanced productivity. Companies are focused on triggered emails, nurtured campaigns, and an optimized customer journey through inbound marketing strategies and top-notch marketing automation tools. It increases the overall efficiency and boosts conversion rates. 


1. Boost Lead Acquisition

Marketing automation tools help companies leverage tons of support for their lead generation process. They can maximize their outreach, acquire more leads, and develop their sales pipeline. Marketing automation helps identify qualified leads and lets you engage them at the right time with the most convincing message. 

For instance, if you are running an eCommerce store of clothing and apparel. The marketing automation tool will help you identify which group of audience is interested in formalwear and which would go for the casual collection. 


2. Centralize Marketing Solutions

According to McKinsey & Company, over 30% of sales activities can be automated. Among the many advantages of marketing automation, one most prominent is the ability to create a centralized system. The tools and software help you monitor and evaluate the performance of different campaigns in one place. You can manage your email marketing campaigns, paid ads, and all the social media campaigns on one dashboard. It connects all those synergies efficiently that would require APIs or system integration and other connecting tools. 


3. Improve Campaign Efficiency & Execution

As marketing automation provides different features, it enables small-scale companies to compete with the leading giants. You get to show your firm a professional outlook with more optimized processes. For instance, it helps in making emails more efficient. It keeps the customers engaged and catered to regularly and timely. You can even set up a customized and personalized landing page or forms offering custom marketing campaigns to your customers with greater potential to drive maximized conversions. 


4. Better Data for Smarter Decisions

If utilized properly, Big Data, the buzzword in the IT industry, helps you reach the heights of success. Unfortunately, not every business is aware of how to leverage it. Perhaps, with the use of marketing automation, you can make the most out of the data gathered through multiple high-traffic regions of the internet for your brand. 

Marketing automation lets companies understand, segment, and categorize the data gathered. They can create a more structured plan with targeted, personalized offers and services. In this way, companies can change more efficiently and forecast customers' behaviour, interest, and preferences. This lets companies re-evaluate their product or service and make necessary changes to yield the desired outcomes. 


5. Test and Optimize Content

Do you know around 44% of clients switch to another brand if they don't get fast responses? 

As much as creating a killer digital marketing campaign is important, it's essential to keep a check on how your campaigns are performing. Is your system robust, or it delays processes and responses? 

With marketing automation, you can regularly test and check the progress of each campaign. Not only this, some software does offer content optimization as well. This helps in identifying if your message is absolutely correct or not. 

The automation tools tend to fetch each user's personal and professional details to have more actionable insights for an efficient customer journey. Through these insights, marketers can create optimized content that can speed up decision-making time and engagements with the brand. 


6. Reduced Cost

For companies, investing time in hiring and finding the right resource is time-consuming and disrupts the ongoing processes. In a customer survey carried out in 2020, over 22.9% of respondents agreed that collecting contact information manually over the phone with clients is stressful and time-consuming, and such tasks need to be automated. 

Hence, single marketing automation can replace the repetitive tasks of 50 employees, making them switch to more productive ones.



7. Attribute Marketing to ROI

The use of attribute tools enables  top digital marketing lead generation experts to differentiate between individual efforts and campaigns that directly influence the ROI. You get to use detailed analysis and attribution to identify the most benefitting efforts made to your campaigns regarding revenue generation. The attribution tools offer accurate reporting, and that positively impacts the marketing efforts. You can optimize your lead funnels through appropriate attribution measures. 


How does ConnectIn Digital helps clients enjoy all marketing automation benefits?


ConectIn Digital is a promising marketing automation company in Dubai, UAE. With its intellectual and highly qualified professionals, the firm lets businesses enjoy the many advantages of a more targeted, profitable, and result-driven marketing campaign. We create customer-centric inbound marketing strategies integrated with marketing automation tools that ensure to generate better customer experience and greater sales. They offer lead scoring, marketing and sales alignment, and effective email marketing. 




It's imperative to ensure that your brand offers prompt responses and has a well-aligned system that connects all the campaigns seamlessly. So, if you are still wondering how and when it's time to make up your mind and consult a notable marketing automation firm.